Fifty Shades of Gold

A project of Jerusalem

  • the Russian Compound
  • Atnachta - SOLD
  • Balfor
  • Cinemateque
  • sigd
  • Mizmor L'david Synagogue
  • Ben Yehuda street
  • Ur Hhaim Street. The Old City- SOLD
  • Beit HaNassi

The Russian Compound

The Russian Compound- The pilot and first painting in this series.

Geula- Inspired by the famous film director Federico Fellini who felt that the creative process is enhanced by working in a crowd.

Central Bus Station- This place was central during my army service. Coming to paint here takes me back in time.

Western at Allenby Square- It was only fitting to film this square, the border between east and west Jerusalem as a Western. This chapter was filmed as a tribute to Ennio Morricone soon after his death.

The Arab Market- The corona epidemic has not manged to dull the exotic beauty of this souk.

Mount Of Olives- In memory of my beloved, creative Grandparents. I inherited my interest in cinema and painting from them. My Grandmother was a talented jewelry designer, my Grandfather was a cinema buff. The film in this episode was taken by Grandfather over sixty years ago.

The Concert- Painting a quartet of the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra in a Beautiful Jeruasalem setting.

Nachlaot- Authentic Jerusalem from a student’s roof top.

The Botanical Garden- In the foot steps of Monet.

A tribute to Churchill- The Painter.

Mamilla- Trying to paint it’s history.

The mysterious streets of Mea She’arim. Different from anything you know.

Atnachta - SOLD

Atnachta- A home for troubled youth.


Balfour- the boxing ring of politics.


Cinemateque- A tribute to Chaplin.

Mahana Yehuda- This episode was filmed with the tv network kan 11 .


Sigd, Tayelet Armon Hanatziv- A project about Jerusalem would be lacking without mentioning this holiday.

Mizmor L'david Synagogue

Mizmor L’david Synagogue.

Beit Tzafafa- A beautiful cool day in Jerusalem.

American colony – unbelievably beautiful, with a fascinating archive

Ben Yehuda Street- the home of the street Artists

Ur Hhaim Street, The old city- A magical Historical street.

Beit HaNassi